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Diocesan Prayer

diocesanprayer“THE DIOCESAN PRAYER”

“Father, you walk always with your people ….”

Since the beginning of 2014, people have been invited to pray this Diocesan Prayer at Masses, Parish and Pastoral Meetings, in our schools and homes. The prayer speaks to the heart of our vocation to be Disciples of Jesus and to recognise our discipleship in the Diocese, the parish and in my own seeking to live the gospel.

The prayer continues and we invite you to make this prayer part of your daily prayer.  As often as you pray these words, seek God’s guidance for our diocese and its people.

During this year, the diocese will continue its focus on seeking a Vision for our Time. Our church is truly alive when people seek ways of bringing its message home – to that “home” in all of us that longs for peace, stability and a true sense of purpose.

You will have many opportunities to join in this journey and conversation. It might be a small notice in your weekly parish bulletin, an invitation through a radio interview, a few words on this website but, be assured, whatever form it takes, it’s an invitation to you to join us in faith, hope and love.

One of our Diocese’s most famous sons, the Rosary Priest, Fr Patrick Peyton said “The family that prays together, stays together”.  At heart we are a family of families so let that praying together and staying together continue.

Thank you for joining us in prayer and supporting the diocese through your prayer. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome, important and needed. 

May God who has begun the good work in all of us, bring it to fulfilment.

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