Monthly Archives: November 2020

Welcome Back!

It is very welcome news that our churches can reopen on Tuesday, 1st of December for public worship.

Numbers will be limited to 50 (pods of 50 in larger churches).  Funerals and weddings are limited to 25.

On my visits to parishes before the current lockdown, I witnessed firsthand the huge effort being put in by people and priests in parishes throughout the Diocese around stewarding and sanitisation.  This is very much appreciated!  I encourage parishioners to continue to help out in your local parish to ensure the health and safety of all who enter our churches. 

Numbers will be limited at Christmas.  Parishes will be reflecting in the coming weeks on how to welcome people at Christmas, conscious of the limited numbers allowed.  This will not be easy and I ask for your understanding. 

As we enter into the Season of Advent, that special time of longing for the Lord’s coming, I pray that this will be a grace-filled time for us all.  May these weeks of waiting and wonder renew our faith, so that we will be ready to welcome Jesus Christ into our hearts, our families, and our world!

Welcome back!

Every good wish and blessing,

November Prayers

As we continue to remember our dead throughout the month of November, we rememeber also those grieving the loss of loved ones. We think especially of those who have had the experience of grief during these difficult times.

We ask God’s cosolation for all and assure you of our parish and diocesan support.