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A living word

During the days of Holy Week, Fr Vincent Sherlock shares early morning reflections on RTE RADIO 1’s “A Living Word” (6.15am)

Here we include links to the reflections which are based on the notion of letters shared between Jesus and some of the characters of the Passion Narrative. “A Living Word” is produced by Aidan Mathews, R.T.E.

This page will be updated during Holy Week.

MONDAY APRIL 10th, 2017 – “A LIVING WORD” – Dear Judas

TUESDAY APRIL 11th, 2017 – “A LIVING WORD” – Judas’ Reply

WEDNESDAY APRIL 12th, 2017 – “A LIVING WORD” – Dear (Pontius) Pilate

THURSDAY APRIL 13th, 2017 – “A LIVING WORD” – Pilate’s Reply

FRIDAY APRIL 14th, 2017 – “A LIVING WORD” – Centurion’s Letter and Jesus’ Reply

Soul List

The journey continues! We’re into Week two and it’s another opportunity to put the Spiritual House in order. Just as we might have the “shopping list” for Christmas, so too we might need a “Soul List”. What needs to be penciled in there? Confessions? Penance? Prayer? Mass? Make your mark – make the difference! We’re on a journey after all and it begins, like all journeys, with a single step.

Check out times of Confessions in your local and neighbouring parishes as Advent continues.  The LIGHT IS ON FOR YOU will take place in a number of parishes on Sunday December 18th.  Further details later.